animal video raw


death or evolution is a concept piece with each song a stroke to construct the whole. For this video we juxtaposed two tracks which we felt provided a strong contrast to represent the scope of the project.

Animal examines mankind’s base nature. The primal instinct for hunting, reproduction, survival. By itself the song is vulgar, visceral, even offensive but it chews a raw nerve in the context of the record. Mike and I wanted to capture this feeling explicitly so we (responsibly) collected deer carcass scraps from a hunter, returned to the forest and lost some clothes. That was a memorable shoot.
The song isnt meant to stand on it’s own though, so we chose Clock Oven as an awakening from the atavistic dream of Animal. This piece begins with the subject being summoned from sleep. “Wake up now… You’re dreaming, you’re thinking too much.”  In the video, my character wakes and immediately draws his phone to be lead mindlessly with blinders through a beautiful landscape. This human is clothed and seen to be civilized but is completely unaware and desensitized to the wild energy in the natural world around him. Eventually the phone is thrown to the sea and he begins to witness the earth that surrounds… Likely too late and intrinsically unequipped but nonetheless..
Both of these characters depict mankind in various forms of evolution. Now we look back at the savage man in disgust and contempt, but the civilized kind who we’ve become has lost the frequency of our instincts and connection to nature. We know better than to act as animals yet we’re domesticated to the point that we feel entirely separate from the wilderness we left behind. The album searches for a middle ground so this video is for the extremes.