As of now, this is my favorite project I’ve been a part of. JWLS VRNE is all live instrumentation with light sampling produced by Keenan Kilgore. We spent a bit more time incubating this baby and our patience rewarded us with stellar vocal/sonic contributions from Jaruni and an aesthetic that is truly unique. As Treat said: “you guys are so close to making money, why do you incorporate so many themes? That’s a surefire pop song that you guys fucked up with themes! Too many themes!.” Well, dear friend, we refuse to sacrifice our vision to blend into what’s customary. Popular music is boring and and by the book. Fel and I share a burning need to invent and create outside of the genre boxes that musicians make their fortunes in. Money be damned, we make this music because we need to for our spirits. I hope you enjoy the adventure. GO JWLS VRNE!