And We going so HORSE

Summer 2015

You barely move when you rock on stage. I go so hard I tear my ACL then hop on my good leg. And I ain’t pulling yours, I’m merging out of surgery like the universe saw me soaring and brought the earth to me…




For real, I’m out of commission for a grip in VT after ACL surgery (s/o OBAMACARE). I appreciate the love and support and will be back in no time, wilder than ever! Next Album: Death or Evolution, coming soon…


Karma Kids and Tomorrow Kings embark on the Karma Kings Tour | Photos | Impose Mag

In January 2015, Chicago’s Tomorrow Kings and New York’s Karma Kids toured the east coast of the United States together as the Karma Kings. Their first show occurred at Legion in Brooklyn, NY and at that event, we handed them two disposable cameras to use however they wanted while they were on the road. The group quickly blew through one of the cameras before the night was over and both groups turned in four cameras after they finished touring. What did they document? Dogs in cars, live performances by themselves and Big Breakfast, going on beer runs, relaxing with a cat, reading a newspaper, a visit to Kamp Dog in New London, CT, and more, including one image that isn’t safe for work.

Slangin dem trees

watch Gruff Lion talk about Slangin dem trees!

The second video this year for the Karma Kids’ Gruff Lion, celebrating his festive seasonal job as a Christmas tree salesman. Directed by Mike Petrow (Duncecap) who also directed Gruff’s “A Story O’ Stew” video this year. If you haven’t already, watch the video and if you’re in New York, go get a Christmas tree at his tree stand on 181st and Ft Washington.

SXNY: a New York Rap Tour Documentary| Impose Mag

Uncommon NASA, Karma Kids, which consists of LT. Headtrip, Googie, Gruff Lion, Samurai Banana and Duncecap, and Reservoir Sound’s A.M. Breakups, MC Eleven and Hype Wonder all piled into a van headed for Austin, TX. How they all managed to fit themselves along with luggage and gear in one van is a mystery even a tour documentary cannot disclose. The crew departed New York City with a camera team to document the various stops for shows, home cooked meals, more shows, and hijinks along the way.

The SXNY tour documentary is an inside look into the cramped road life of touring musicians seeking to grow their fanbase one show at a time, but mostly finding mischief and simple pleasures to battle the mindless boredom of a lengthy road trip.

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